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Could you please tell me what you think of my echocardiogram please.

Hi i had a Echocardiogram due to pains in the centre of my chest and difficulty breathing, i still have a month before i see my cardiologist. i would really like to know if this is something i need to worry about.

The heart is in sinus rhythm with a rate of 70 bpm, The left ventricle is within normal limits in size and wall thickness. No regional wall motion abnormality shown, Left ventricular systolic function is within normal limits with ejection fraction measuring approximately 63%.

The aortic valve is trileaflet. The aortic root is satisfactory. The left atrium shows mild dilatation. There is anterior mitral valve leaflet prolapse seen with mild mitral sclerosis. Trivial MR seen. Left ventricular diastolic function is within normal limits.

The right ventricle is normal in size and function. Right atrium is within normal limits Trivial PR and TR noted, RSVP measures 19mmHg which is within normal limits. No septal defect shown. No pericardial effusion demonstrated.

There is trivial MR, PR and TR noted. No functional abnormality shown. Mild anterior mitral valve prolapse is noted.

i also have SVT which i take calcium channel blockers for. i am 41 years old and female.

Thank you to anyone that can help.

This discussion is related to costochondritus or ???.
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Sorry forgot to add i have also been told i have straight back syndrome.
Thank you
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