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Coumadin vs asperin

I have beend diagnosed with Lone Atrial flutter by electrocardiogram. I have no symptons. I have been taking a full dose enteric aspirin , but on completion of some dental surgery, my doctor prefers that I go on Coumadin. Problem is that I very much rely on Motrin to deaden the leg pain from some low back arthritis. I may take two, or possibly four motrin once or twice a week to more easily engage in strenuous exercise such as cross country skiing or hiking. Nothing else works remotely as well for me as ibuprofen. If you assume that I won't give up my motrin, am I better off with Coumadin or my enteric aspirin (I am also taking Nexium daily, and drink 2 or 3 glasses of wine a day.)  ps: I am 78 and male
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Based on your age alone your risk score (CHADS2) is greater than or equal to one which puts you at a moderate risk for stroke from atrial flutter/atrial fibrillation (they always go in pair).  The fact that you take motrin which inhibits the action of ASA would further make me recommend coumadin for you.
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