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What exactly is a couplet?  Is that two PVC's occuring in a row?  Are they more dangerous than single PVC's?  What about 3 or 4 in a row?

Last night, I was driving home from work and I felt a really long pause in my chest, followed by a huge palp and then I felt really dizzy.  I was so terrified.  I finally got home, took a Xanax because I was so completely freaked out and laid down for awhile.

I have had single PVC's caught on Holter before but this felt different than your run of the mill PVC.
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nope, its not.. couplets are no more dangerous than a single pvc in a normal individual.. Take a breathe sweety :) calm down.. Life is too short to be over analyzing your body so much :(
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A couplet is two pvcs in a row; a triplet is three in a row.  Sometimes 3 or more in a row are considerd a salve, or nsvt, or a run....Still not a problem.  If it helps, my 24 hour holter showed over 2500 couplets.  Try not to let the extra beats stress you out.  With a normal cardiac workup, they're considered more an annoyance than anything.  Hope you're feeling better.
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You poor woman!  I think I had one and was ready to head to the ER.  You had 2500?  Wow!   Did your doctor put you on meds?

I think the reason mine are getting worse is due to anxiety.  My cousin (second cousin, actually) died of a cardiac problem a few months ago and it's still undetermined whether or not it was hereditary.  

I also have had some weird EKG readings in the last few months that heightens my concern for SCD.  My QT was a bit prolonged on 2 EKG's and I am scared to death of developing VT.
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Yep, what they said :)
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Oh my!  I'm am so sorry to hear about your cousin.  To lose a family member at such a young age is beyond my comprehension.  I'm so sorry for your family's loss.

I think my longest QT interval was 504, or something cloes to that. I was actually in the hospital on the telmetry floor as I was just beginning flecainide. My doctor specializes in LQT and participates in national programs regarding the condition.  She was not at all concerned.  Of coures, I was : )

I'm glad that you have an appointment with an EP.  That's where I found the most answers to my questions (and from someone who deals with arrythmias every single day).  Try to write down your questions as you think of them. That way, you won't inadvertently forget to ask what's on your mind.

I totally hear ya on the anxiety!  Lots going on here too, and the Xanax has been nearby : )  Fortunately, I am able to take it as needed and it usually helps.  Take care and do ask lots of questions.

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i have a question.  i have suffered from pvc's pac's and Lord knows what other kinds for about 7 years now.  i have been checked out and have been given a clear of health although i have chronic anxiety *mainly because of these misbeats (or the fear of them coming on.)  they are usually always single misbeats but sometimes when i lie on my back or slightly elevated i get a quick run or what i think is a run.  its like a .......beat beat beat then a rapid FLAP FLAP FLAP and then back to beat beat beat and thats it.  anyone know what that would be described as?  nssvt? trigeminy? afib? Thanks!
Trigemenies are pics after every 2 normal beats
Pvcs I mean.  Stupid autocorrect
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I've have runs of 3 PVCs in a row - the doctor says not to worry.  
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hahahahahah....Don't worry, I'm fine.  I've had pvcs for at least 25 years.  I took Inderal for probably about 12 years (on/off).  Now, I just take it for really bad days, which are rare.  Even with all my ectopics, the doctor was not alarmed. I was basically treated just for symptoms.

Ah, the dreaded anxiety!  I hear ya on that!!  I seem to go in and out of anxiety episodes, stressing over nothing, everything or anything.  The fact that you had a relative die of a cardiac problem just a few months, no doubt, triggers extra anxiety.  Was he/she young, and was a cause ever determined?  

My EKG's showedprolonged QT intervals also, but my doctor said it must all be correlated, clinically, to the individual.  Have you had an opportunity to sit down and have a "heart-to-heart" discussion with your doctors.  Maybe just being able to ask point blank questions and talk over your fears will give you greater peace of mind.

Here's to a great day!
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Yes, my cousin was young (7 years old).  I was never given a name of his condition but the autopsy report said something about his heart cells were destroying themselves.  My mom is going to ask his parents if she can have a copy of the report so when I take it to my EP appt. in a few weeks, he can review it and let me know if it is a concern for me or other family members.

My longest QT interval was 459 and I was on a known QT prolonging drug at the time so that could be the cause but it still worries me.  My doctor keeps telling me it's nothing but my understanding is that prolonged QT is something that alot of doctors have a hard time figuring out.  That's why I made an appt. with an EP.

So of course, my anxiety is at an all time high which is not helping matters.  :(  The only thing that helps is the occassional Xanax!
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PVC's are caused by quite few issues. One of them-- and the most comun is Chemical Imbalance. This imbalance could be from not drinking enough fluids, not eating regular meals, having (a not aproved diet) anything that will unbalance your body's regular chemical stages. PVC's (Premature Ventricular Contractions) are a way the body compensates. For example when some people run, they throw PVC's to compensate fro the high blood pressure and the heart rate. The body usualy copmpensates in liu of homeostesis.

I would not worry about PVC's or PAC's too much if is ocational. However, if i was you guys i would seek medical attention if it occurs too much (too often). Anxiety has been linked to the conditions as well and amanzinlgy ZANAX is a good drug for anxiety. However, taking too much zanax could cause seizures (keep that in mind) also prolonged use of zanax and stopping for ay reason could cause withdrawals that are sick bad!! So please becareful with Xanax, just take what is prescribed to you-- if in any case you would like to help yourself, star lowering the dose, untill you are at a safe dose (not too high, or too often)

This is my experience in the medical field. Also remember that the drug xanax is so addicting that if you don't take it, you will needed very bad and will go crazy if you don't have it, or don't have enough. Excersises is actualy a good way to keep your mind clear and to punish anxiety-- furthermore, is great for your body and heart.

btw i don't mean working out, running, weights etc.. Something as symple as walking every day for 10-20 min will do the work. try it out.

Be safe and stay cool.
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