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I had a port for chemo in my left upper breast for 1 mo. and developed massive LUE DVT which involved the jugular, subclavian and axillary veins.  I was placed on heparin then started on coumadin x 6 months.  In Dec. I had chest pain and ended up with a quadruple bypass.  The left main was 95% occluded.  At that time another US was done and it showed lt. internal jugular is partially thrombosed, little or no flow in the left brachio cephalic or innominate vein.  There is no flow in subclavian vein. The proximal axillary vein appears occluded,the distal axillary vein is probably patent, the brachial veins appear patent the cephalic vein and basilic vein appears patent.  My cardiologist tells me the occluded areas will never open even on coumadin once they are occluded.  Why the coumadin if that's the case?  What future problems can I expect if those veins are occluded? More clots?  Thank you for any information you can give me.

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