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Decreasing dose of metoprolol Need Help ASAP!

My doctor is decreasing my dose of blood pressure meds. I was taking 100 mg of metoprolol twice daily.(100mg noon 100 mg at midnight). My pulse rate was going too slow so now he is decreasing my dose. Sept. 18 I decreased to 100mg at noon 50 mg at midnight. Sept. 24 he decreased it to 50mg at noon 50 mg at midnight. Sept. 26 he told me to decrease it to 50 mg at noon. So I went from 200 mg to 50 mg in 8 days! I am 36 & was placed on this med about 6 years ago for high blood pressue and palpitations. I've read some bad things about people going off beta-blockers and am WORRIED. Does this sound safe to you?  
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Yes.  I am not a doctor but I think weaning of beta blockers is only necessary for patients with angina.  Otherwise I think weaning is done mainly for patient comfort, in other words, so the drop in meds has a more gradual effect on raising the heart rate or anxiety level or both.  Did they put you on another med?  You will, of course, need to continue monitoring your BP to make sure it is still controlled..  Hope this helps!
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My anxiety has been crazy for the past few days. I've been shakey and nervous and can't sleep 'cause I'm afraid that I'm gonna die! My blood pressure has been anywhere from 122/61 to 144/86. When it goes low like that it worries me. My pulse has gotten better, though. It was anywhere from 39 bpm to 40's and low 50. NOW, it's in the 50's, 60's and 70's. They haven't put me on any other meds yet. I have to go back next week, unless ofcourse, I'm dead. I've been monitoring my BP about every 30 minutes. That's enough to drive anyone crazy. I'm just scared 'cause I've read some bad things about people going off of beta-blockers. Thanks for your response, I appreciate it. It's made me feel a little better because I don't have angina.
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Dude!  Get a grip.  If you're checking your BP "about every 30 minutes" and you're worried about the "low" blood pressures you're posting above, you ARE driving yourself crazy!  With the anxiety levels you're putting yourself through and your pulse is still in the NORMAL range, you're FINE!!!!!!  Anxiety causes stress that will age your body faster than a major illness.  Let up, dude 'cause you're causing wear and tear on your heart through stress that is within YOUR power to control - no meds needed.  Do some internet research on anxiety and worry.  Get serious about controlling these.  
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Thanks man. I'm trying but it's hard. I guess that I've read too many peoples stories about tappering off of Metoprolol and got freaked out. I've been on it so long and tappering that much that fast is worrysome. I guess that the doctor knows best.
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The only thing stopping beta blockers ever did to me is that my pulse and B/P went way up. If your a heart failure patient and you stopped all your meds you could be in trouble. A pulse of 40 would be a concern if it stayed there but you seem to indicate that it does rise appropiatly in response to activety. You could ask your doc about switching to a different B/P med such as an ace inhibitor that wouldn't have those side effects.
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50 mg of metoprolol will still keep your HR lower, I know, because that's my dosage. You'll see your rate go up at first, but it will drop, and it may take weeks for it to settle down.
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