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Deep Breathing

For past 9 months I feel I hold my breath at times and do not deeply inhale.  Feels like someone sitting on my chest at times (not always) so that I can't get a deep breath in.  At times yawning helps to get a deep breath.  Had a calcium score of 18 for Right Coronary Artery all others were zero. When I lay on right side it seems it is harder to deep breath than laying on left side.  I was also diagnosed with a beart murmer during annual checkup 4/2007, saw a cardiologist (9/07) for an Echocardiogram who confirmed it was benign heart murmer (no antibiotics required for dental procedures, etc.). Just saw an Internal Medicine physician and he suggested I have a EKG and the Excercise Stress Test with Thalium.  Cardio CPR, Homocysteine blood tests were normal.  I am concerned with radioactive being sent through an IV to determine if there if any blockage.  What are the downside of having this EKG Talium test, issues having it, etc?
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Just one other thing: this holding your breath thing...Wonder if you have sleep apnea. If something is causing you to "forget" to breathe during the day, it may very well be occurring during sleep too. I'm no pulmonologist, but just wondering...If you wake up every day tired and out of sorts, maybe your doc will order a sleep study.
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Hi, akl!
Just two things: first, a thallium stress test is very safe. Know this from my experience as a CCRN and also my recent research. The radiation is negligible. And besides, the distant risk of cancer pales in face of any condition which might be life-threatening. Yeah, beathing is so important to our immediate well-being! Secondly, your problem breathing while lying on one side mimics one of my own which is paralysis of the left side of my diaphragm. Best of luck and God bless.
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