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Determine if my heart conditions are related to ischemic heart disease

I am a Vetnam Vet with exposure to Agent Orange.  About ten yeards I was diagnosed by the VA with artial fibriliation.  In 2005, I went to the VA for a Agent Orange Registration Examination and I received notificastion that abnomalities were found.  The AO testing revealed the following conclusions and impressions :
1. Left ventricle:Mild Concentric Hypertrophy. All segements contract normally. Ejection fraction of 58%.  
    Normal systolic function. right ventricle normal in size and function.
2. Atria: Both are severly dilated, left more than right
3. mitral valve: Normal. forward flows show a single component consisitent with afib
4. Moderate biatriaal emlargement, left more than right
5. All other impression were normal.
I have requested my current records form VA. Just went for echo and stress test due to chest pain and tightness.
The VA is now recognizing IHD as a AO service related condition.  Need to know if my condition would qualify? Thanks
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The VA is recognizing heart related problems with AO exposure. What the specifics are I do not know but I would encourage you to follow through with the VA and have them make that determination. I thank you for your service to our country; the VA system is in place to assist our veterans. Probably more paperwork and your time, but it would be a benefit to you to have this included in your VA file. Joan.
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You are asking a question of some legal import or more specifically medical forensics. Based on the information with your post it shows your heart is pumping normally with a slight increase of the pumping chamber size.  If there is progressive hypertrophy, the LV functionality can decrease the cardiac output to a degree that causes heart failure.

An enlarged left atrium can cause arrhythma (abnormal heart rate, or irregular heartbeat), and sometimes require a heart pacing device implanted and/or a defib (shocks the heart in the event of significant heartbeat irregularity.
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