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Diagnose my problem please (Age 17)

(10=most 0=least)

Active: (7/10)
Healthy diet: (7/10)
Weight (5/10)

I've had two major episodes of chest pain with other symptoms. I am unsure whether they would have been caused by the same problem.

Occurred: Early 2011 ~8pm

I was skate boarding in a local school when I saw a security guard. I sprinted off to an area outside of school limits. After i stopped running i decided to go home because I was experiencing strong chest pain (8/10). After i got home I went up stairs which caused pain and shortness of breath and had a shower which also caused pain and shortness of breath. I then began to experience pain in my jaw. My mum decided to call an ambulance and I was checked up at hospital. My blood pressure was fine, heart rate fine, vitamin levels fine. I was given some sort of liquid anesthetic medicine that numbed my mouth and was supposed to numb my digestive system or something. That didn't ease the chest pain and eventually after all the doctors said I was ok and the pain was still there in a small way I decided to leave. The pain lay dormant for the next 3-5 days with any exertion caused it to arise (1-2/10). I had a test done for bubbles in my lungs and an x-ray done and both showed that I was fine.

Occurred: 23/9/11 ~10pm

Whilst playing a stressful game of poker with real money on the line I started experiencing the following symptoms:
-Pain on left side of upper body(7/10)
-Abdominal pain (7/10)
-Anxiety (3/10)
-Pain in right arm (3/10) (lasted only 10 minutes)
-Nauseous (2/10)

The symptoms persisted until i fell asleep (1am). The following morning the chest pain and abdominal pain occurred to a small degree whenever i would exert my body (walking fast). An exception to this was when I was taking a #2 in the toilet, the effort required caused intense abdominal pain (9/10). The chest pain appears to be dormant currently (Date is 27/9/11) with any moderate exertion causing it to slightly appear with only minor pain (1/10). I have avoided all activities that cause moderate exertion however and am currently waiting for my body to reach the point where I can exert myself and not experience any chest pain. I will be unable to see a doctor until early next week.

Any idea what my problem may be  (and whether it is heart or not) and whether it is severe? All advice appreciated.
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sounds like your teeth are stressing your heart out.might want to see a dentist and see if you have a bad tooth.
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Interesting that the doctors would put something in your mouth to numb it. I can't see the connection.

The best way to see what's happening (if it's heart related) is to wear a heart monitor and then get active to see if you can trigger the chest pain. By the time you got to the hospital any arrhythmia problems may have resolved and they didn't see anything out of the ordinary.

I'm guessing you're overseas(?) Not sure how the health system works there and how difficult it will be to get a heart monitor for a couple days.
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Jaw pain doesn't necessarily equate to a direct problem with the jaw

"Typical heart attack symptoms...Pain or discomfort may spread beyond your chest to your shoulders, arms, back, neck, teeth or jaw. You may have upper body pain with no chest discomfort. "

Source: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/heart-attack-symptoms/HB00054
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I had to swallow the liquid for it's anesthetic effects to work on my digestive system, not just keep it in my mouth. Also in both experiences I encountered no arrhythmia although I do indeed suffer/(have  suffered) from tachycardia due to an extra electrical pathway in my heart although this was cryo-ablated three years ago.

I managed to see a doctor earlier than predicted and he suggested that the problem may be caused by scarring on the cryo-ablated extra electrical pathway although I don't see why that would some of my symptoms.
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