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Diastolic Dysfunction Stage - Reversable?

Hello. I am a 33 y/o male. 6'0 193lbs. I am slightly overweight, but also carry a decent amount of muscle.

Recently I have been diagnosed with stage II diastolic dysfunction. In researching this diagnosis, I have found conflicting and/or ambiguous studies as to whether or not this condition is reversible or correctable.

The best consensus I can find is that the milder forms of the disease are reversible with exercise and possibly medication treatment. Studies also show that more restrictive stages of the disease are not reversible.

I'm struggling to get a clear answer as to how advanced my diastolic dysfunction is, and whether I can reverse it.

My ECGs are abnormal with non-specific inverted T waves, but otherwise look normal.

My Echo came back with the following findings:
     Visual EF is 55-60%
     Doppler evidence of grade II diastolic dysfunction
     Mild mitral regurgitation
     Mild mitral valve leaflet thickening
     Structurally normal tricuspid valve with mild regurgitation
     No evidence of pulmonary hypertension
     Insignificant pericardial effusion

My MV Decel Time = 275 ms
MV Pk E Vel = .6 m/s
MV Pk A Vel = .5 m/s
MV E/A Ration 1.3
IVRT was not included in the lab report for some reason.

The left atrium was 4.0 cm, right at the edge of the normal limit. Other measurements all seem to fall into the normal ranges for my age.

When reading about the stages of diastolic dysfunction, I can't understand how I was classified as stage II. My E/A is normal, but my deceleration time is high 275, which doesn't fit either stage I or stage II.

My doctor also currently has me on 25 mg Losartan. My BP when relaxed (without meds) used to run about 138/85. When stressed, it goes up higher, and I have a stressful job. The Losartan has been doing a great job keeping my BP in check.

Studies seem to indicate abnormal relaxation is reversible, however restrictive stages of the disease are not.

I would really like to understand how progressed my disease might be, and whether or not it is reversible at this stage.

Thank you much!

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Often hypertension is the cause for diastolic dysfunction.
The fact that you have mild hypertension which is now treated with meds gives you a good chance that in a couple of months time, things will have improved.

I would not worry too much about the stage your disease is in, but try to relax and wait for the next echo results.
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I have grade I and have done some research.  I can share the link to my Diigo library if you like although it sounds like you've read a lot already.  I believe grade II is reversible.  The grade and reversibility matters to me but i ultimately had to stop panicking and try to relax because I think there's a lot they don't know and the docs don't want to say it's bad or good for fear of having an effect on your outcome.  Mine just won't speculation if it will progress.   So I just lost 40 pounds and started working out and eating right.  It's all I could do
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