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Diastolic dysfunction questions

Swelling in feet,legs and hands.tea colored urine, rash on body,dry cough. Grade 2 diastolic dysfunction. Elevated D dimer and myoglobin. +3 protein in urine.( No diabetes). Why the cough and kidney problems
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I'm 38 female
Wow, elevated ddimer?  Did they unltrasound your legs and do a chest cta?
They did a CT with contrast and said no blockage. But they said o had 3 plus protein in my urine and myoglobin
I'm not a diabetic sugar levels are fine. Before blood work came in the doctor tolde I could be going through menopause and that's why I felt heart palpitations. Then she changed her tune when test results came back
Why are they saying the ddimer is elevated...  I'd ask for a v/q more accurate for small clots...  Have you had a coronary cta?
No I have not they are being vague about it and told me to see cardiologist in august
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