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Did I have a mini-heart attack?

I'm 49 and this morning I had the following: tightness in my chest (like indigestion, or like my bra was too tight); slight pain in my neck/jaw, on the right side; pain in my left bicep/arm. I was driving to work, so I didn't pull over. That was around 8am this morning. The pain in my neck/jaw and arm have gone away, but the tightness in my chest comes and goes. I just started this job, last week, which is why I continued driving to work, this morning, but now I'm concerned. Was I having a mini-heart attack?  If I go to the ER, after work, will they still be able to see if I did/did not have a heart attack?
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Yeah, if there was damage absolutely.  Besides we like to keep you and measure troponin 24 post onset to get a clearer picture.  It can come up false negative at first.
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