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Diet And Exercise Negatively effecting HDL Levels

Both my father and younger brother have been diagnosed with Low HDL, my father had a quadruple bi-pass at 53, and my brother was 15 when he was first diagnosed with a high Total/HDL Level.

I have always been fit but earlier this year I  too was diagnosed with:

HDL:34 LDL:119, Total:181, Triglycerides:141

My doctor said to increase exercise and take fish oil. I'm coming up on the six month mark and I got a health screening through my work, as a preview, before I went back to my doctor. My hope is that the rapid screening device was malfunctioning but several of my co-workers results came back as expected.

The Results were disappointing:

HDL:<15, LDL:N/A Total:153, Triglicerides: 106

According to the tech my HDL levels were too low to register (a co workers registered at 23) which meant that they were unable to calculate my LDL. This was surprising to me as I have taken the following steps:

* No more then 30% of my DV for Saturated Fat Or Cholestrol Daily (Often 0%)
* Strength training 4 hours Weekly
* Yoga 1:30 hours Weekly
* 2 hours Cardio Weekly
* 1200MG of Omega 3,6,9 Twice daily
* 500Mg Niacin Before bed.

I work out religiously now, I miss a day once a month maybe, my diet was always pretty good but I have eliminated most sugars and non whole wheat breads and pasta's as well, I do not smoke, and my body fat Percentage is 12%. I Do Not do any Drugs(steroids), and I eat in moderation.

I've just learned that Niacin is not effective until I get to the 2000mg to 3000mg and I have increased to 1000mg and pending my doctors approval plan to take more.  

I'm also Considering to servings of almonds per day Accounting for 60% of my DV of Fat.

Am I doing anything wrong? Any Suggestions?
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If you suddenly change your diet, it can take several weeks to reflect in your blood chemistry. I believe there are different types of LDL cholesterol, one being very small, and one being quite large. The small guys are the problem ones and they tend to get trapped inbetween artery cells. A Doctor has to request this test to determine the different LDL levels. The large LDL cholesterol have been called the bad guys for decades and yet they are really the good guys. They give you the ability to make hormones such as sex hormones, vitamins and more importantly, they are the building bricks to repair cells and create new ones. They are too large to get trapped.
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