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Diet and Heart Disease

  I took a look through the "diet" related forums but they seem to be geared toward specific diets rather than generalized questions on diets and foods.  So, unless someone can point me to a good diet forum where this question would be a better fit then I'll see where I can go here...

  looking for the benefits of Salmon/fish oil and because I love fish I have been purchasing a "family pack" of "Farm Raise Atlantic Salmon Fillets".  Prier to my heart attack I'd have "a" fillet a year and even then it was deep fried in oil.  I never really cared for fish prepared like this and is why I had so little through the years. I do love fish cooked in other ways.  So once I heard that salmon was good for heart patients I went shopping... :-)    Some days I'll have two fillets (lunch and then dinner) and other days only just one for lunch. So far it's all been Baking recipe's which I'm slowly exploring the simplest of recipe's.

  I just noticed the Nutrition facts posted on the container...
Serving size: one fillet.
Calories from Fat:...190
Total Fat:...............21g
Saturated Fat:.........5g

  These are quite high numbers so I have to ask, With so much fat and cholesterol am I really getting the benefits of fish oil and omega-3?
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I agree, farm raised salmon isn't a good choice. I was a commercial salmon fisherman for a number of years, and have cleaned literally thousands of pounds of fresh, hook caught salmon.  I'm sorry to be so graphic, but one has to feel, see and smell what fresh salmon is like.  Farm raised salmon has to have food additives included in their diet or it isn't even pink.  There is no comparison between farmed and wild salmon.  All Atlantic salmon is farm raised.  

Costco sells Sockeye salmon fillets that are wild, hook caught and at a reasonable price, that's what I buy and eat once a week.  Chinook (King) salmon has the highest heart value but also the highest cost, Sockeye comes close and is much less expensive.

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Great choice with salmon and fish for the heart. With salmon, though, to the best on my knowledge - farm raised salmon is depleted of the benefits that really make salmon a great health choice. Salmon from the sea is the way to go for the Omega 3 oils and other nutrients that come from life in the sea. There are limits to how much you should eat per week due to mercury in the fish. You can research this on the web.

I had a quintuple bypass 2 years ago at age 49. No more fried or buttery food for me. Plus lots of veggies and fruit. Steel-cut oats are great for breakfast and will make your cholesterol happy.
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i know there has been research on this my lipid clinic told me to stay away from the farm raised salmon go for the deep water salmon or other fish because the farm raised salmon you lose alot of the omega 3. i know farm raised is cheaper but not as good for you
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