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Difficulty breathing after I eat and sometimes when I lie down.

I have been reading and have been doing research for months now since August 2016. I am a typical guy who loves to play sports like flag football (like American football), I like to sprint every other day way back early 2015. The moment I stopped momentarily playing the sport and only jog like once or twice a week for almost a year since I had to do my review to get a license for my profession, at around July 2016, I noticed that I have developed a shortness of breath. I had to get it check by a general doctor to rule out something which we did some x-ray, blood test and ecg. They indeed found that I have a RBBB(Right bundle branch block) which I never thought I have and no idea when I got it. The doctor had to give me beta blocker to slow down my resting pulse rate since its been up for like 75-80. I had to take the beta blocker for just 2 weeks since I wasnt feeling good with it, I had to experience cold hands and feet and I often get like super slow heart beats and it is making me crazy getting weaker and weaker so the doctor told me to stop last middle of February 2016. Its been great lately, I no longer feel cold sensitive and never been weak anymore. But the thing I noticed is that I always get shortness of breath every after I eat and drink coffee, juice. Anything that is sweet and I am not even sure if its not really sweet. I get shortness of breath and I get a little dizzy because of my short of breath. I really need help. Where should I get this checked???? Should I really stay to the cardio specialist or go as well to a digestive systme doctor????? Please help me or at least give me some idea of what I have been having for the last couple of months. I am super exhausted now and getting anxious about this. Do I have a serious condition???? Please help me cause I am worried and I need to get my self checked clearly since I cannot afford to leave my wife and 3 kids alone. I hope someone out there could give me an idea cause I feel super alone with this type of condition that I have and doctor's could not give me clear answers with what I am experiencing.
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