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Dilated Cardiomyopathy - Mild LV enlargement with 45%EF

I have recently been released from the hospital with a mild enlargement of the LV and a 45% EF
I suspect it was from my abuse of alcohol..  Im only 29 with great cholesterol but I have an unsteady heartbeat,PVCs.
How freaked out should I be?  The doc pretty much just handed me a Cardiomyopathy leaflet and kicked me out the door with a couple of prescriptions.  I have heard Alcoholic Cardiomyopathy is reversible..  

Any comments would be greatly appreciated
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forgot to add the Left Ventricle is at 5.6 cm  
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My records show the normal range for  the left ventricle is 3.5-5.7 cm !?  Normal EF is 55 to 75%.  With a 5.6 cm, your EF should be in the upper percent of the range (Frank/Starling mechanism).  The less than normal EF could indicate heart muscle damage (loss of contractual strength)

Whether or not your condition is reversible depends on which of the three stages of alcoholic cardiomyopathy: preclinical (asymptomatic), acute, and chronic. The preclinical and acute stages are usually reversible when alcohol abuse is discontinued, except in cases of sudden congestive heart failure or acute heart muscle degeneration. Chronic alcoholic heart muscle disease often can be arrested or improved with abstinence
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Thanks for the info!  Is there a way to tell what stage I am in?  I don't really have swollen feet/ankles or any signs of heart failure..  I can still tackle 4 flights of stairs.
Any feedback greatly appreciated.
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Another perspective,  the condition is reversible if there is not CHF (EF less than 29% is medically considered heart failure). Congested heart failure happens when the heart  pumps less than the amount received from the lungs and blood backs up and fluids leak into the lung tissues, etc.  Your 45% (Percent of blood pumped with each stroke) indicates your heart is pumping enough to avoid heart failure range.  

The condition is reversible if there is no heart muscle degeneration.  It may take some time and another test later to determine if there is chronic muscle degeneration.  If your EF doesn't improve or there is further weakening of pumping contractility, that may indicate heart muscle degeneration.

It appears you are in the preclinical stage, and if  the lower than normal EF is acute without further evidence.
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Thanks very much Kenkeith!  You have brought me a great deal of hope.
I all so have modest Tricuspid regurgitation.  Is that characteristic  of this disorder?
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Mild, trivial (modest?) are terms that are considered medically insignificant and almost always will not progress nor be symptomatic.
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Again, thanks Kenkeith!
You have been most helpfull.
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