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Dilated Left Atria

Anyone with a real heart condition ever tell you "A lot of people have an enlarged heart?"  

The ARNP told me that today after seeing my results of "Dilated Left Atria."  Her attitude was dismissive.  She told me of herself, "I probably even have an enlarged heart."  I looked at her and thought, "Sure no wonder your 15 years older than me and fat."  I can't tell you how absolutely pissed off I was leaving that appointment today.

I told her many things that could make clinical sense along with the test result.  My father's mother died at 45 from a heart attack, a year older that me now.  She also suffered terribly from varicose veins, which she even had surgery for.  She died in 1956.   For the past couple years I've noticed frequent urination at night, swelling (edema) in my legs and upper body, elevated liver enzymes, left toe turned purple (which is now numb), shortness of breath just climbing stairs, occasional strange cough when lying down, waking up with racing heart, migraines, fatigue, mental cloudiness, heart palps, dizziness, abnormal MRI with two small lesions 4mm and 5mm.  

I explained to her I don't drink and smoke and have been at Athlete level condition.  Due to my fatigue, I can't even fathom to exert myself to that ability. I do walk and dance a little to try and stay active but its increasingly difficult.  I even brought in a competition photo of me at my best to show here how I have taken care of myself.  Then I showed her a photo of my grandmother 3 months before she died. She looked awful and her legs and feet swollen.

I do have a Cardiology appt May 21st but I'm going to try for a different doctor who specials in women's heart conditions.

Any advice, insight, or direction is much appreciated. Thank you!
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Just wondering if you've had a recent echo to establish the condition of your valves?
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