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Dip in Baseline during stress Test

My name is Kimberly, I am 41 former smoker( quit 4 years ago) I am 4'11 219lbs( thyroid broke after back to back pregnancies) I am on 100mcg of thyroxine and am now losing weight. About a year ago I had chest pains, pvcs. They did all the blood work,echogram,EKG . All normal. My blood pressure is 120-80. No high cholesterol..  I have a family history of heart disease.
I just got back from a stress test, and the doctor said it went fine except for a couple of times my base line dipped. She said it could be normal for me, and since it is not her area of expertise she could not not rule it as a negative test. She said not to worry, but Offcourse now I am. I did not have any chest pains, dizziness during the test... I have to wait a whole month for the results . Could you tell me if this could just be normal?
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Dear Kimberly,

It is hard to give you an accurate answer without revieiwing your stress test tracings but I can offer you some pointers that might be helpful.
I presume that you had an EKG treadmill stress test, wherein they made you run on a treadmill at escalating speeds till your maximum potential. If you did not have symptoms while running or sustained changes on your EKG, most likely you do not have any significant issues with your coronary arteries.
If you are concerned, I would suggest reviewing your stress test findings with an experienced cardiologist but I think your findings are likely benign from the standpoint of ischemic heart disease.

Hope that helps

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Thank you, that makes perfect sense
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