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Do I have to worry about my results of trivial tricuspid regurgitation?

I have been on O2 for the past 5 years for hypoxemia with no known cause. My O2 levels were normally ranging from 80-97% on 2 liters. Over the past month, my O2 levels have dropped yet again and  were hitting as low as the low 70s and now to keep my O2s back up at least to 80-97% my O2 has been increased to 3 liters. My pulmonologist referred me to a cardiologist for some testing to rule out any heart related issues (we had ruled out anything else).

I just had a TEE Bubble Test and the one abnormal thing was there was trivial tricuspid regurgitation present and that he was "unable to estimate the right heart pressure due to the trivial nature of the patient's tricuspid regurgitant CW Doppller signal." The right ventricular size is moderately enlarge, but the RV systolic function is normal. The right atrium is moderately dialated. Could this leaky tricuspid valve be the cause of my hypoxemia? Should I push to have it repaired even though the regurgitation is trivial?

I have had swelling in my stomach that has increased over the past several months, and about 25 years ago, my primary care doctor I had in Las Vegas, told me I had a heart murmur. It was the first I ever heard of it and no one has ever mentioned since, but now, maybe there was something to it. I do have heart palpatations.
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No, you do not have to worry about trivial regurgitation. Regurgitation is classified as: none, trace/trivial, mild, moderate and severe. Mild or less is no problem, does not give symptoms and normally does not need monitoring at all.

Trivial leakage does not cause hypoxia. Repair, if possible at all, will not help you and you wont find a cardiologist willing to do surgery for that.

Many people have mild or trivial regurgitation in one or more of their heart valves, often from birth and stable during their whole life.
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