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Do I need a Pacemaker?

My echocardiography report has just arrived, I am 82yrs old , report says,
aorta(Root) 25mm,
LA(AP) 37mm,
MACS 17mm,
LA(IS) 45mm,
RA(IS) 46mm,
LV: lax,
EDD 48mm,
ESD 31mm,
EF 64%,
FS 35%,
EDV 68ml,
ESV 28ml,
SEptum 10mm,
Post.wall 10mm.

Valves: Mitral:  0.8m/s     Remark: E>A,
            Aortic: 1.2 ,        Remark: Tri leaflets,
           Tricuspid : 0.6      Remark : RSVP=35+RAP,
            Pulmonary 0.9    Remark: AT:120

Final impression:
Normal Bi-ventricular systolic function,
No wall mition Abnornmailty,
Mild Moderate TR/PAH,
No clot /pericardial effusion

The doctor has said I need to use a pacemaker, given my age, please help me know if the pacemaker is absolutely essential
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Hello again, it sounds like you are in need of having the pacemaker; it really isn't a big deal....my own daughter had one placed when she was 8 years old. It is done in the cath lab so it isn't a surgery. You will feel so much better if you have this done.
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Thanks you for replying grendslori, the doctor has advised a pacemaker but given my age I am a bit apprehensive. My heart rate is 40beats p/m and I feel fatique and black spots when i wake up.
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The report you have posted is an echo report which looks at the heart wall sizes and chamber sizes as well as the valves, it does not show the electrical system of the heart and how that is working. A pacemaker deals with the electrical system; HY is your doctor saying you need a pacemaker? What is your heart rate during exercise and rest?
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