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Do you think something is wrong with my heart?

A little about me.

I have had pretty high heart anxiety for years.  There has not been a day in over 5 years I have not been worried about my heart.  I had what I am pretty sure was a panic attack about 5 years ago and the anxiety has be constant ever since.  

I am grossly overweight.  I am 6'0 and weigh about 340 pounds.  I have a ton of debt for ER visits and dr visits.  In the last 5 years I have had 2 stress tests and about a dozen EKGs.  The last EKG and stress tests were about 3 years ago.  Recently I have been trying to exercise but have been having left arm pain.  So I talked to my doctor (GP not carido) and she took blood work.  This was in November.  Some of the numbers are below.

BP -  128/78
LDL - 145
HDL -  27
Trigly-  143
wbc -  7.5
rbc -  5.19

There are alot more.  If something is relevant let me know I probably have it.  

She said everything was fine and to exercise.  So I have been walking.  At first all was well, but now not so much.  I was doing about 14000 steps a day.  Now when I start walking, I'd guess around 400 or so steps I start getting really bad heart burn, acid coming up my throat.  And then weird feeling in my chest.  It is not a constant feeling it happens briefly for a second and passes.  I think it might be my heart skipping a beat.  However I don't know how that feels.  The sensation is strange in my chest, it makes me take a quick, sudden deep breath, and then a weird feeling radiates outward and then gone.  It doesn't hurt, it is scary.  A couple times after it has happened I get a strong pain in my shoulder.  It is not radiating, it is very isolated to my shoulder.  Then I get light headed briefly and then that passes.  The fitbit I wear has a HR monitor on it.  My resting pulse is about 80.  When I am walking it gets up to about 110-120.  I think I am noticing that when I walk faster to get the HR up, and then let it drop is when the feeling occurs.  Like if I go to 130 and slow down and it drops back to 110.  

Do you think this is an actual heart problem?  More anxiety?  Due to the heart burn?

Also I have chest pain almost always if I have to deficate.  

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It's good that you recognize that you suffer from anxiety, for your fixation on your ticker certainly sounds as though that is part of your problem.  Then there's the weight:  as you know, that doesn't help.

Your blood pressure is amazingly good.  Your blood fats not so good.  The fluttery sensation sounds like a skipped beat issue (maybe a 'premature ventricular contraction'--google it), which can make you feel faint, sometimes due to nothing more than fear or panic, but sometimes medically significant..  You need a better cardiac workup.

Given your weight and your blood fats, I would suggest you go to a real cardiologist.  At the very least, you should have a stress test and a 24-hour Holter Monitor.  And maybe consider signing up for Obama Care.

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