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Do you think that I might have heart disease :/..?

I don't know if I should be allowed on here sorry if i'm too young.

Just going to put some details first when I was diagnosed with hypothyroid ( which might have a link )

I'm 18 years old girl. Well I was diagnosed with hypothyroid in March, it's still untreated. Had my blood test more than 3-4 times.. Heart doctor said I have mild mitral valve, and hypothyroid. So I went to the thyroid doctor and she my T4 levels are too low for medication, she checked my thyroid and said it was healthy normal.. So basically the doctors I went to said I have no problem, my mom sent the blood test to the doctor last week and she didn't see a problem.

So weeks after that during the Summer I had no complaints, and to ignore the symptoms, since my doctor said its very low ( the T4 level )

Last week and this week I notice my symptoms are getting worse.. I had heart papilations more often, Tingling in my arms and legs, I had a sharp pain in my lower abdomen, dry mouth, Chest discomfort, light headedness/dizzyness in head, Neck discomfort and jaw discomfort. And now I feel REALLY tired.. My chest pops, I feel like i have to yawn to get oxygen, shaking/trembling, feeling weak. I keep getting this often

I feel like I need to be with someone to feel safe, to bring water with me at all times, and I didn't join any physical activities ever since. I use to exercise alot until I started having symptoms in March.

2 weeks ago at the school assembly my heart started beating really fast and I had trouble breathing, I went to the school nurse and she said everything is fine..

My mom is now trying to find another appointment for me since it's easier to find one over 18 years old. ( birthday was on september 12 )

I have a family history of heart disease :(
Basically the doctors I went to were professionals, especially the heart doctor.

What's your opinion on this? Help..
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