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Does Lipitor give rise to vivid dreaming at night?

Reason I ask is that I have been taking Lipitor since November H.A. and Stent, 10 mgs at first and now 5 mg at night, just before bed time, and since i started taking them, on the 10 mg dosage i had deep lovely surrealistic dreams about all kinds of things, like a movie in my brain every night, fell joyful and happy upon waking, and now with the 5 mg dosage, breaking pills in half as per doctor's orders, I still have very vivid dreaming all night long. I love it. The dreams are not scary or weird, merely surreal and very much based on my own life and memories, and it is a pleasure to have these dreams. I am sure they are from Lipitor and no complaitns from me. Question is:

What is in the Lipitor pills, which ingredient, gives rise to these vivid dreaming dreams?

And does anyone else experience this?

Just curious. Have not done recreational drugs like dope or weed or marijuana since my college days, but these dreams are so surreal i am sure i am on some kind of drug. What is the ingredient in the Lippy pill that does this to me.
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Your side effect is listed! Insomnia, dizziness, paresthesia, somnolence, amnesia, abnormal dreams, libido decreased, emotional lability, incoordination, peripheral neuropathy, torticollis, facial paralysis, hyperkinesia, depression, hypesthesia, hypertonia.
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Yes!  I experience the dreams!  I had no idea where this was coming from,
but I started to suspect Lipitor because I just started it, and then the dreams came.  Really intense movie-like dreams.  I actually can remember them also.  Some are murder mystery types, some are me with a meat cleaver protecting myself(lol), but in the dreams I am never frightened.  I hope there is no LSD in Lipitor......
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I  also have them... But so far I did not associated to Lipitor.

I really enjoy them.. It is sort of surprising second lofe every nigth.

No longer watch TV series... Iive mine.

It is apitty that I am very bad at drawing because the escenarios are
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very interesting.

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very interesting.

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i have been wondering id the lipitor was cause of the dreams i have been having. so i did a google and here i am.
my dreams so far are mostly pleasant and at worst just weird. i am hoping jennifer aniston get involved some time soon lol (*-*)
I am a 71 year old female..started taking Lipitor 40mg 5 days ago and have been having vivid dreams. The don't seem to be frightening except for one. I was chased on foot and shot in the left shoulder. All the others are just weird and in color. I'm in a black jeep and Obama (why him, I can't stand  him) is dropped off and he gets in the car and under a blanket that I am holding. He tells me secrets. LOL I have started writing my dreams down..looks like some strange reading for my grandchildren after I am gone. They think I am awesome now..just wait.
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