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Does generic losortan include hydrocholorothiazide?

My MD put me on Hyzaar for hypertension.  Previously I had been on Cozaar but she changed it to Hyzaar for the added benefit of the diuretic.

I noticed my drug company autosubbed generic Losortan.  The bottle doesn't say anything about hydrochlorothiazide being included.  Could I be getting the wrong thing, or should I assume some form of hydrochlorothiazide is included?
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My mom takes that and I've never checked. That's a good question.
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OK, I just looked it up. Losartan alone, also known as  Cozaar does not have a diuretic. But Losartan with HCTZ is also known as Hyzaar. Don't assume yours has the diuretic in it. Ask the pharmacist.
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