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Does obesity cause any permanent, unreversible damage?

30yo white male, overweight and obese most of my life. Adult life constantly between 240-290lbs, not the best of diets. If I were to make significant, lasting dietary, lifestyle, and exercise related changes, lose both weight and fat, add muscle, and overall get into a healthy weight/BMI and maintain i while continuing to eat better and exercise often....would there be any reason at such a you g age to worry about there being any permanent damage from the obesity? Whether heart/artery related or anything else, could there be unfoxable things present? How likely?
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Obesity is one of those things that if you lose weight, your health WILL improve.  I have a cousin that had a wealth of health issues and was quite obese.  She had gastric bypass surgery and lost over 100 pounds and her type 2 diabetes was gone as was her high blood pressure.  This article is from a well known hospital and they state that losing weight when obese does indeed reverse some of the cardiovascular issues someone may have due to obesity.  https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/news/media/releases/losing_weight_sooner_rather_than_later_gives_the_best_chance_of_reversing_heart_damage_from_obesity_according_to_study  earlier is better 9as in the younger you are) or the sooner the better.  Yes, some damage could remain but this gives someone the best chance.  
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