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Does this mean blockage?

My husband had a triple bypass in 07/2016.  Then in 12/2020 he passed out while driving, supposedly due to medication buildup.  They took him off the meds and then in June he passed out multiple times, at one point his heart stopped beating for 27 seconds in the ER.  They put in a pacemaker and he is feeling exhausted again.  He had a myocardial perfusion stress test yesterday and the results say:  CONCLUSIONS:
1. Abnormal myocardial perfusion. There is a large size, severe intensity, partially
reversible defect in the anterior and anterolateral walls on the mid, distal and apical
slices. Sum stress score 14 with sum differential score 5 indicating a prior infarction in
the LAD/diagonal territory with a mild degree of peri-infarct ischemia.

I read that as he has had a heart attack.  We have never been told this.  Every time he was in the hospital for passing out, his troponin levels never changed.  

Does the results above mean that he has blockage again?  We have a follow up on the 10th, but the word severe is scaring the crap out of me.  

Thank you for any help
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The abnormal area may be a result of the previous heart attack they mentioned in the report, it sounds like the area was previously damaged. It's not uncommon to have a silent heart attack that does not have all the normal symptoms. This does not necessarily mean there is a current blockage, my guess is that if they felt there was they would have insisted on seeing him sooner. Let us know how it goes.
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They called and moved his appointment up to Monday morning instead of Friday.  The NP said it’s blockage and doc will be ordering heart cath.  I’ll try not to worry until
The doc gives us his opinion.
Thank you!
Sounds like they're not taking any chances, good luck and let us know how it goes.

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