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Does your heart pounding hard all the time mean you have heart disease?

My son is in prison and cant see a doctor. No one is helping him. These are the symptoms he has had for over a month. His heart pounds hard all the tine, he has pain and discomfort, he has shortness of breath at rest, and feels light headed.

Two days ago his left arm and hand went numb and his hand was pale. His face and tongue also started to tingle. He says he is losing more energy each day. I am very worried about him. Can someone please provide me with some insight?
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Hi Im really sorry to hear about your son.

The truth is that he needs several tests done to determine issues...

The more basic are...

Stress test
Chest ct with and without contrast

Is there anyway to have him go to the hospital?
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Thank you for your response. He has very little access to a doctor much less to a hospital. It's unfortunate it's like that.
Legally I think they have to take him to the emergency room.  Are you in the usa?
Hey, I am in the USA. It's just that the prison system has to pay for it, that's why they don't want to do it. That's what my son told me. I imagine in an emergency they would have to take him. But they wait to the last minute. What a system huh!
But if hes is having dyspnea and chest pain.

They are obigaged to have him evaluated.

Can you speak with the warden?
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