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Double Heart Bypass and Sternum

My Dad had double heart bypass surgery on the 21st of September 2009.  About 3 weeks after, he got an infection and soon after, blood was coming out from the wound.  He was admitted to hospital on 12 October 2009.  They cleaned the wound the next day.  After the cleaning process he got weaker, his heart rate, blood pressure and pulse dropped very low.  He was then admitted to ICU (in his own room).  Today the doctor told us that his sternum is broken and they need to use muscle from his shoulders to "sort of attach" the sternum again.  It seems to me the doctors and nurses at the hospital are not telling us exactly where the problem originated from, etc. Could it be a problem from their side, could it be that he lifted something heavy or maybe he fell, could it be that he drove his car at some time?  They say the infection is under control though, but how long will he be in hospital and how can we at home make sure he gets the best care?
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It sounds to me like something inside was leaking and it should not have been!!  He was losing blood and this is what caused his BP, heart rate, and pulse to drop. He could have died from this!  I think damage was done to the sternum during his surgery, but they will never own up to this.  I lost a son due to negligence so things like this infuriate me.  I would go to the hospital administrator, don't call, just go and demand answers.  The doctors won't tell you everything, they cover for each other, and the nurses the same.  I agree with ed, the infection entered during the surgery, or shortly after.  Was your dad on any antibiotics immediately after surgery?  He should have been, because their is always a risk of infection.
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If he is in his own room, I am sure this is due to the infection. They must feel that either he is at risk of infection from others, or that he is risky to other patients. Have they mentioned what kind of infection it is? in particular is it MRSA?
Lifting something heavy would not have caused the infection to occur. This has entered the wound after surgery or during.
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