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Drug addiction

will the fillers and binding agents in vicodin stay in your system if snorted even if has been 26 months since you did this?
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Not only will they stay in your system, they will act like asbestos particles and eventually you may end up on a respirator. Yup. They NEVER  go away and the problems often don't surface until after two to twenty years. Well, you won't ALWAYS wind up on a respirator, but snorting vicodin is plan stupid. Often a "snorter" will end up with severe asthma and on daily inhalers and prednisone. It is a horrible death. But let's look at the bright side. This doesn't always happen. Just resolve never ever to do this again.
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I know It is stupid but that is why they call it a problem. I just wanted to know if it could get itno your muscle tissue or other organs and stay in your system for years with out dissolving and if so is there a way to dissolve it?
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