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Drugs Prescribed

Could you be so kind to tell me about how many drugs are prescribed to be taken after a 5 bypass surgery?  Is it about 9 different drugs?

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To add to this, because I found your other post, I believe I heard my cardiologist say last weekend that I wont be taking these pills for life, but I may be mistaken.
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The number of drugs taken depends on the individual I would assume(?).  Since my surgery I have had the number of pills cut down considerably. If I remember correctly I started with 15 different pills, some I had multiple pills thereof.  Now, after seven months I have five, three prescribed and two over-the-counter, one was recently doubled in dose and as of last weekend may be cut in half again.

  Reading the posts on this forum for the last several months, not everybody is on the same drugs, nor the same dosage but there are a few with the same.
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