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Dual/Single Chamber pacemaker

The pacemaker I have is dual chamber, rate responsive. When it was first implanted in July 1999 both leads were operating.  Over the course of the last 18 months the cardiologist turned off the ventricular lead because I was "truly sick sinus syndrome".  My questions are when it's time to replace the generator will he remove the v-lead and replace the pacemaker with a single chamber one or will the v-lead be abandoned?  Would it be a possibility that due to the condition I have that in the future I would need the second lead?  Does one condition usually follow another?  Also, I read where pacemaker patients feel their pacemaker kick in -- is that really possible?  My pacer assists my heart approximately 67% of the time and honestly I don't feel it.  Should I???  Thank you so much for your help.  It's very much appreciated.
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Dear ziggy,

There are 2 main conditions that require pacemakers: 1) a "sick sinus syndrome" where the heart's intrinsic pacemaker does not fire properly but the conduction between chambers is OK and 2) AV node disease where the conduction between the chambers is compromised.  In the former condition only an atrial lead is needed but usually both leads are put in in case the later condition develops in the future.   So more than likely when the generator is changed your doctor will lead both leads and use a dual chamber pacemaker with the ventricular portion turned off.
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sorry to send about another topic, but you close early !!! and i feel

i need your advise for my rare case which called
"myocardial bridge" !, and i'll summerize my case in a
few steps :
1 - 11 years ago i had a shortness of breath after i
exerted a heavy effort and it last 2 hours until it is
2 - after 2 years i had another one after an extra
odinary effort also and lasts a week.
3 - till 1995 i had about 2 dangrous heart attack
again last one with pain in my heart i felt it with
every pulse as if my heart was weak .. and lasted about 2

till this moment my E.C.G and ultrasound and normal
diagnose say nothing and i was well.

In mid of 1995 i wake up at morning with my heart rate
about 160 to 186 bpm .. i went to emergency which gave me a
valume injection to slow down my pulse, but after 3 hours
it goes up again !

since these time i hade a SEVERE chest pain at my left
side just below my sholder near from the middel .. and
goin down.
just like an inflammation ( the exact word for my
feeling inside i feel it bad with a deep breath ), all doctors after many examination says u dont have anything .. and you should take a
beta blockers to slow down your heart beat which came from your much tension at your work !!! last year i decided to make a cathe from
one side , just to be sure that really that pain belong to tensions only
then they discovered that i hade somthing called CMB with
70% narrowing with systolic at LAD from its middle befor the second diagonal branch, now they gave me
1 - 1/2 concor 5ml every 12 hours
2 - 1/2 xanax 0.25ml every 12 hours
3 - asprin 75ml everyday

but still i had angina ( but not like as many times
befor i take last discreption ) .
also this inflamation feeling still exist very badly.
month after month and my pains not to go .. !!
what is your advice to me.
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I have SSS and was told that the younger the person is the better they do with a dual chamber.  That most docs place dual chambers in patients with SSS because there is always a chance of further conduction problems and the 2nd lead will be in place then.

But I can not be in AAI pacing.  I get pacer induced Wenckebach.  I also need the dual pacing because I get pacemaker syndrome without it. I have a short AV delay so I pace all the time in the ventricle.  But it sure feels better then the single chamber pacing.

I have a freind that had a single one placed and she felt like doggie doo doo :).  She is young and was told she was nuts because pacer patients don't have problems! UGH!  She went to another doctor and they said the same thing!  So she went to another and he said......you need a dual chamber pacer.  He placed one and she felt better right after surgery.

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