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ECG Interpretation needed please.

Hello my name is Dillon.
I am a medical Marijuana user using a vaporizer I was interested to see if my recent ECG would be an issues with my Marijuana consumption and i have been wondering if this is something to worry about in general, Thank you so much.


Left ventricle:
End diatolic diameter  42mm
End systolic diameter 31mm
LVPW thickness         11mm
IVS thickness             9mm
Ejection Fraction        55%

Right ventricle
End diastolic diameter 17mm

Aortic Root
End diastolic diameter 25mm

Left atrium
End systolic diameter 26mm

Blood Pressure 98/60
O2 Saturation is 98%
Pulse is 54,regular, sinus bradycardia

Height:5' 6"

Findings:1 This is a technically good 2-D and M-mode echocardiogram with Doppler interrogation
               2.Left ventricular chamber dimensons are within normal limits. There is no left ventricular dilatation. LV wall thickness is normal as described above.
Overall left ventricular systolic function is normal with ejection fraction of 55% evident. There are no segmental left ventricular wall motion abnormalities noted.
         3.the left atrium is normal in size, measuring 26mm; the right atrium and right ventricle are normal in size and normal RV function is evident.
         4.The ascending aorta is normal in size, aortic root measurement is normal at 25mm. The aortic arch is not dilated. The inferior vena cava is normal in size and there is normal respiratory collapse.
        5.The aortic valve is trileaflet and normal leaflet excursion is evident. The anterior mitral valve leaflet is moderately thickened but there is no evidence of mitral valve prolapse or stenosis. No structural tricuspid or pulmonic valve abnormalities recognized.
        6. No masses, thrombi or pericardial effusion noted.
       7.Color-flow Doppler interrogation remarkable for presence of mild trcuspid insufficiency. Estimated RV systolic pressure is 33mmHg based on measurement at regurgitant tricuspid jet. The E-to-A ratio is 1.6:1. The peak aortic valve gradient is 10mmHg and mean gradient is 6 mmHg. Note that no shunts noted, no evidence of ASK or VSD with color-flow Doppler.

IMPRESSION: 1.Normal left ventricular size and systolic function.
                         2.No left ventricular hypertrophy.
                         3.Thickening of anterior mitral valve leaflet.
                          4.Mild tricuspid insufficiency.
                          5.Other findings as described above.

please help me understand if anything is wrong my Primary Dr. gave me the ok to excersize and told me i am OK and this is nothing serious and not anything she would treat and not to worry. I have hypochondria and am worring quit a bit about this, it this something that will get worse as i progress into life? I try to stay physically fit, eat lots of veggies and fruits and lean meats like fish and poultry. I also take a multi vitamin, milk thistle, 60mgs of COQ-10, probiotics,garlic,cinnamon,lutein, and i am 90 days cigarette free after smoking for roughly 9 years.
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It is hard to give you an accurate assessment of the situation over the internet but I can give you some general advice.

Your echocardiogram is completely fine. You have minor leakage of one of your valves but this is not likely to progress or cause problems to you now or in future. So you should feel reassured.
From a cardiac perspective, there is no reason for you to limit any form of exercise. Of course, seek opinion of your doctors before you jump on to a very intensive regimen of exercise but on my review there is nothing that should be prohibitive.
Bottomline- you are doing all the right things and your heart is in good shape.

Hope that helps

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Thank you so much for your reply, You have put my mind at ease. Bless you.
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