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EF (Teich) 0.518 and FS 26.7%?

Hi brainy people, what does this means if an echo shows

1. EF (Teich) 0.518 and FS 26.7%? I forgot to ask the cardio. There is probably a forumua to calculate.

2. FS of 22% (another echo) but no EF on this echo recorded?\

Many thanks for replies.
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Most US centers go by EF, or ejection fraction.  However, FS or fractional shortening, is also a very good measure of your heart's contractility.  Normal is 30 and above.  A FS of 26.7 would be indicative of an EF below 50%, which represents impaired contractility, or heart failure/cardiomyopathy.  Hope this helps.
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thanks for your reply.  
This means that the EF (Teich) 0.518 was probably less than 50%?  I don';t know the formula and unable to calculate.  

In my previous post I explained that I was puzzled by two echos within the space of 8 weeks showing different results,

The first showed many thinks and definitely high BNP and left ventricular dysfunction and hypokinesia of the septal wall etc.....

The second echo showed all as in previous echo except that there was no left ventricular dysfunction, but the BNP was high....  This is why I can't understand if I have HF or not.  The cardio said not to worry, but to make an appointment if I felt my symptoms worsening.

I will have an MRI without the gadolinium on 11 Sept this might be more conclusive, cause I am confused,  Am not sure if I should have another echo as well.
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