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Ear lobe creases and reduced capacity for activity recently

So im freaking out.
Im a 34 year old ashkenazi jewish male. On the one hand, I have low ldl, normal bp. Not overweight.
On the other, in the past 1-2 years my heart rate jumps much faster with activity and I have had ear lobe creases since childhood, which got deeper over time and now are quite pronounced. I do get certain chest sensations with excitement that were not there before, and sometimes dont feel well after eating.
I almost dont do any cardio, mainly weight lifting. Since having covid and 2 episodes of palpitations (5-6 months) that I think were afib/aflut (not recorded) weight lifting is much harder.
Went to a cardiologist recently, that sent me to do a stress test, a holter monitor and echo us.

Since then, I wound up at the ER due to what can only be described as a major panic attack, had an ecg (normal) with a pulse of around 140. Last week I got the 24 hour holter which showed no abnormalities (max pulse recorded was 135).
I have the stress test next week and im freaking out it will show heart disease. Given the above facts, what are the chances the the holter and ecg that were recorded at 135-140 bpm didnt show signs of heart disease but the test (probably to around 160) will?
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