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Early Repoloarisation and RIGHT Bundle Branch Blocked

Hi there,
From past 1 month I have:
Chest pain on left hand side in the scale of 2-10, heart beats at 2-10 also.
But it increases some time to the scale of 5-10.
and then Heart beats very faster in the scale of 5-10.
ECG showed: Early repolarisation and Right Bundle Branch Blocked.
Have been to Hospital at Westmead Sydney.
-Blood test + Xray + Ultrasound of ORGANS and Heart did not conclude anything related to Heart.
--Suspected Percarditis, but no symptoms to prove that.
Advised not related to heart and unable to conclude something.
Prescribed to take, Anti-inflamatory for the first week then Somac.

Have no History of heart problems and also in the family.
I',m from South East Asia, Indian Origin.
No trouble in Breathing, inhaling food or Water.
No physical movement helps or worsens the pain.

Then what it is, and why it is on left side of the chest next to heart.
Why this affects heart beat.
Why this is there for so long.

What other tests should be done to or what else?

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It is difficult to tell based on the results of your tests what is causing your symptoms.  There are many causes of chest pain and palpitations (the sensation of rapid heart rate).  Perhaps further testing with a stress test and a 30 day event monitor would further differentiate these symptoms, especially if they don't improve with NSAID therapy.
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