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Echo Question

Hi all -- My question is does onset of A Fib come before or after diastolic dysfunction? I had one bout with A Fib 2 months ago and when they did the echo they found Grade 2 diastolic dysfunction.  Everything else on the echo was normal (except mild mitral valve regurgitation, mild tricuspid regurgitation, mild pulmonary hypertension, the LV was within normal limits [4.0cm], no LVOT obstruction, no systolic problems at all - hyperdynamic (what does that mean) EF of >60%).  Note:  I was in A Fib when this echo was taken. Could that have affected the whole echo? Could the diastolic dysfunction be a false positive? This whole experience has been very scary.  I am on the same med as before - 25mg metoprolol/day and a 325 mg aspirin.  They did a cath and no blockages. The cath said by EF was 60-65%.  I feel like I am waiting for the next shoe to drop...another A Fib incident or something with the diastolic dysfunction.  I would  just like to understand the whole thing a little better.  I talked with the cardiologist...was not much help..
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AF is most of the time caused by left atrial volume overload due to mitral valve disease - stenosis or regurgitation.in your case mild mitral valve regurgitation, mild tricuspid regurgitation, mild pulmonary hypertension is probably initiative cause.get the proper followup regularly to monitor mild mitral valve regurgitation, mild tricuspid regurgitation, mild pulmonary hypertension.
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