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Echo Results

It is very difficult finding out what the terms mean from a Doppler Echo - even searching on the www. Can you help? Please interpret the folling terms and what is considered to be normal:
Ao root diam
LA dimension

I was also told that I had stage I ventricular diastolic impaired relaxation. Is this a big deal? What causes this and what can (or needs) to be done about it?

Your help is indeed appreciated!
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I'll do my best with these abbreviations, but there are no widely used standards for echo reports. Your best bet is to call your doctor on Monday to verify my interpretations.

(1) IVSd - Intraventricular Septal width (measured during diastole); normal range 0.6-1.1 cm

(2) LVIDd - Left Ventricular Internal Dimension (diastole); normal range 3.5 - 6 cm

(3) LVIDs - Left Ventricular Internal Dimension (systole); normal range 2.1 - 4 cm

(4)LVPWd - Left Ventricualr Posterior Wall (diastole); normal range 0.6-1.1 cm

(5)IVS/LVPW - ratio of the IVS to the LVPW; should be near 1.

(6) FS - no idea

(7) Ao root diam - diameter of the aortic root; normal range 1.4-2.6 cm

(8)LA dimension - size of the Left atrium. The normal ranges depend on whether they report volumes, areas, or width.

Stage I ventricular diastolic impaired relaxation is typically caused by aging or high blood pressure.  It certainly is not a big deal. I typically disregard this finding unless other pathology exists on the echo.

Whew! Hope that helps.
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regarding echo report, anyone know what a normal range for "aortic valve" is?  It is done apparently using doppler.  Also anyone know what the signifigance of a slightly enlarged left ventricle(systloic)would be?  left atrium size?
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My 8 yr old son has had echos for a dilated aortic root and annulus.  I believe the FS refers to "fractional shortening" which is always listed on my son's echo results.  Also, he had left venticle enlargement at one point , which his cardiologist suggested was due to a virus.  He had mono and fifth's disease all in a very short time period which caused him to have chest pains and tachycardia.
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Am I correct in saying that hypertrophy is diagnose primarily using the lvpw measurement?
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Thanks doc! My reason for wanting these parameters is that I have tracked the numbers from echos pre surgery to the most recent. It is incredible how my LV size parameters continue to decrease with time. The numbers from my echo last year (one year post op) are higher than the recent echo. I guess it stands to reason that the LV would shrink after having to pump at 107 mmHG pre surgery! My aortic valve opening was calculated to .65 cm2. My max pressure gradient now is 3.9 mmHg!

Again, thanks!


P.S. All my numbers are right at the upper normal. I am a really large man and do a lot of aerobic work. Would these two factors influence what is considered to be normal?

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