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Echo cardiogram for heart enlargement

First time posting.

I'm 21 years old have one child and shortly after my child I started an exercise regime to lose abit of weight. I noticed I felt a few flutter/skipping beats and some wobblyness within 5 minutes of stopping. ( I was skipping at a moderate pace ). I told my Dr and she booked me for a cardiologist and he did a echo cardiogram in the morning and a exercise test around 2 months later. Both of them were ok and normal so I'm not too worried. But a friend of mine said that just because I've had a nor al test does t rule out heart enlargement? And that i f I co tinue to exercise it may grow and need to be re scanned another year or so later. It's a thing athletes die of apparently??? And because I have the dizziness and some flutter she said that is symptoms .
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I dont know weather to pursue it with my GP any further then.
An echo cardiogram has been done and a stress test.
My friend was saying it doesnt always show up on these two tests.
Is he right? I dont believe a enlarged heart could hide, surely?
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If you had enlargement, it would have shown up with the echo. An echo clearly shows the dimensions of the heart and therefore easily recognizes enlargement.

Have a merry Christmas!
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Cardiomegaly (enlarged heart) can be diagnosed in several ways. One of them is echo cardiogram and another is a stress test. There are more ways to diagnose, but if neither the echo, nor the stress test revealed anything out of the ordinary, you can safely conclude that you do not suffer from cardiomegaly.
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