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Echo done and don't have a Dr to read results...

I had an Echocardiogram done and got the results from the Hospital but I don't have a Doctor to explain it to me. If anyone can help me that would be great. I obviously am not interested in things that are normal but the ones that are at the border or above I have put a star beside.
Ao root diam:    3.0cm    (2.0-3.7cm)
ACS:                     1.8cm    (1.5-2.6cm)
*LA dimension: 4.0cm   (1.9-4.0cm)
RVDd:                  2.6cm   (0.9-2.8cm)
FS:                        35.5%   (25-45%)
*EF(Tiech):         64.7%   (55-65%)
*IVSd:                  1.2cm   (0.7-1.2cm)
LVPWd:               1.0cm   (0.7-1.2cm)
LVIDd:                  4.6cm   (3.7-5.5cm)
LVIDs:                  3.0cm   (2.2-3.8cm)

I don't know what the normals are for the area below.
MMode/2D Measurements
EDV(Teich): 98.1ml
ESV(Teich): 34.6ml
EPSS: 0.37cm

Doppler Measurements
MV E max vel: 81.9cm/sec
MV A max vel: 52.8cm/sec
MV E/A: 1.6
MV dec time: 0.19sec
Ao V2 max: 148.0cm/sec
Ao max PG: 8.8mmHg
LV V1 max PG: 3.9 mmHg
LV V1 max: 99.2cm/sec

PA V2 max: 93.7cm/sec
PA max PG: 3.5mmHg
TR max vel: 232.1cm/sec
TR max PG: 18.8mmHg
Atria: The left atrial size is at the upper peak limits of normal.

Tricuspid valve: There is a mild tricuspid regurgitation, peak right ventricular pressure is at 25mmHg.

There was a long list of other things on the the papers that I left out of the last section but they all said basically within normal or "without evidence".  Thanks in advanced!!
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Thanks for your question.  I obviously don't have the actual images from the echo, which I would need for a proper interpretation, but based in this report your heart looks pretty good.  I'm not sure why the echo was done in the first place, but there isn't anything that looks strikingly abnormal.  Your LA (left atrium) size is upper limit of normal which is fine.  Trivial to mild tricuspid regurgitation is common in normal individuals.  Your EF (ejection fraction) is normal (55 and above is normal).  Your IVSd (interventricular septum diameter) is upper limit of normal which is likely fine, though it would depend partially on your age.  Please discuss the results with your physician for a full interpretation.  Hope this helps.
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