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Echo results

Hi If someone could please explain my echo test for me as the doctor said it’s good and left it at that, wasn’t til I got home and read the report where I thought hold on I have some which are upper range, anyways I do suffer from anxiety so maybe I’m just over looking this but before I go into my current results iv had three done in the past. One was 7yrs ago where my left atrium was within range, my ejection fraction was 65% and I had trivial mit regurgitation I was overweight ,my second I lost a lot of weight and my  echo was done when I was 7monthd pregnant with twins  2015 my left atrium was borderline, ejection fraction was 72% and trivial and trivial tricuspid regurgitation.
Now my results as for a year ago
Are as following I’ll only put the upper range as is too long
Septum is 1.02
Ejection fractionis 51%
Left atrium is 4.27
And apparently I don’t have mitral regurgitation or couldn’t pick it up but still trivial tricuspid, size and thickness normal rhythm is sinus. Is there anything to worry about regarding left atrium and also ejection fraction? I’m 32 I know I have to visit my gp but it’s so hard to get in to see her.
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What's your health concern?  Dyspnea? Chest pain? Palpatations?  I mean results of echo are pretty subjective... it depends on what your symptoms are to warrant further evaluation.
At the time it was palpitations. But it’s nore anxiety if anything right now. I have been getting chest pains for the last few week, I have had a virus and congestion, not sure if the two are associated with each other. I’m just to make sure eveyThing is okay
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