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Echo stress test question

I had an echo stress test where the treadmill speed and incline followed standard Bruce protocol, but each stage lasted only 2 minutes instead of 3.  The person who administered the test seemed very knowledgeable, so I assume the shortened stages were intentional.  Are the results as valid as they would have been with standard 3 minute stages?  I completed stage 4 and was told everything looked good.
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The factors of concern apparently are did you reach the target heart rate sustained for a period of time that enabled your vital signs to be evaluated. It is difficult to answer your question because there are modifications to standard Bruce protocol.

Modified Bruce protocol starts with a speed of 1.7 mph and a gradient of 0%. Second and third stages have the same speed, but the gradient increase by 5%. Third stage of modified Bruce protocol is thus equivalent to stage 3 of standard Bruce protocol. Further stages are just like that of subsequent stages of standard Bruce protocol. Earlier the first two stages of modified Bruce protocol were called stage 0 and stage 1/2 because the gradient was zero in the first stage and half of that of stage one in second stage.

Modified Bruce protocol for treadmill testing is usually applied when poor condition of the subject is suspected clinically or while conducting a predischarge treadmill test after treatment for acute myocardial infarction. Pre discharge treadmill test is often a sign limited one unlike the symptom limited test done in other situations. Maximum heart rate aimed at is around 120 per minute, unlike the 220-age maximum predicted heart rate for the standard treadmill test.

I assume your maximum heart rate was attained (120 bpm) and apparently your vital signs were observed and provided the information necessary to evaluate.

Did you get a copy of the report?

Thanks for sharing and if you have any further questions or comments you are welcome to respond.  Take care,


target population: Patients with suspected coronary heart disease, and athletes in sports in which aerobic endurance is a important component, such as distance runners.
advantages: You can also get measurement of maximum heart rate by recording heart rate during the test, which can be used in training programs to set intensity
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