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Echocardiogram Results Question

On 02/23/2023 I had a echocardiogram complete procedure performed at a cardiac non invasive lab of one of the local hospitals in my local area. I've received a copy of the study results, but I'm not scheduled to have my first visit with my assigned cardiologist until 03/07/2023. I sent a message to that cardiologist & received a reply from one of his nurses that stated they couldn't provide me with any detailed information because I haven't seen the doctor as of yet. My results came back labeled as 'abnormal' and of course that quickly got my attention, I'm sharing some of my information in the hope someone can provide me with some kind of information concerning my results.
Left Ventricle: The left ventricular cavity size is normal. Hypertrophy observed. Normal (55-65%) ejection fraction. Grade 1 (mild) ventricular diastolic dysfunction.
Mitral Valve: Trace mitral regurgitation.
Aorta: The aortic root is mildly dilated.
Component Results:
IVS: Flag A, (Standard Range - 0.6 -1.1 cm) My Value (1.46 cm)
PW: Flag A, (Standard Range - 0.6 - 1.1 cm) My Value (1.43 cm)
As I didn't see any other items with 'flags' I'm thinking that's a good sign overall, I turn 74 years old tomorrow so hopefully I'm going to be okay for a while longer, but of course that's up to GOD who has blessed me in so many ways !!
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