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Edema in legs

Besides congestive heart failure, are there other reasons for edema in legs and ankles?
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I should also mention that the edema in my legs are my most noticeable to me.  I've been at Athlete level condition most of my life with cycling as my primary sport along with various other sports/training.  You know your body better than any one so don't let a doctor mind "f" you with dismissive attitudes.

I did a brief 5 day self-test of up to two OTC water pills a day along with an aspirin and within 36 hours I felt the best I have in years!!!  I didn't stay on the water pill because it was depleting my potassium and I was getting calf cramps.  The ARNP refused to prescribe me water pills, potassium sparing, because I wasn't displaying any symptoms in the 30 minute visit I had with her.  I called her out all the the **** she was throwing at me.  She couldn't even find the results to my Echocardiogram on the hospitals website.  BIG RED FLAG!!!!!!!

Sorry for the vent...but if it helps elevate your concern or sends you in a better direction based on my experience, then maybe I've helped.
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Well my first Jackwagon Neurologist told me it had to do with my neuropathy.

....but the Echocardiogram I just got back says I have a Dilated Left Atria.  This along with my symptoms, edema, shortness of breath, frequent urination at night, cough, OH! and one other symptom, my grandmother died at 45 of a heart attack.  She was one year older than I am now.  The ARNP I saw today wasn't worth the urine stick I peed on! Onto the next ...

Don't know if that helps.  Keep digging you'll find the answer.  
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