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Ejection Fraction 40% and asymtomatic

I am a male 57 years of age and thought I was in good health until I went to see my doctor for a routine year examination. I had an ultra-sound and was told I had  40% Ejection Fraction; the cardiologist did not offer an comments except ordering a MUGA test.  I was baffled with the bad news and the anxiety is eating me alive.  my blood counts are pretty much Okay, my weight is fine, and I run about 30 miles a week at a good pace.  I have been doing this for about 30 years.   My blood preassure is about 130/80 and resting pulse of about 40-45.   My cholesterol was  high this time (240) but I am working on that. I feel very good in general terms.   Here is my question:  Can a 'below normal' EF be normal in some patients?  If nothing found can this condition be left untreated; or is this an early sign or more serious problems to come?    

Thanks in advance for your words of wisdom.
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Why do you see a cardiologist on routine basis? Do you have complaints or did you have heart issues before?
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Hello Ger57,
Sorry, please allow me to clarify; I went to my general doctor for my year physical examination, which did not reveal any issues. At that time I mentioned to my doctor that I wanted to increase my running work-out as I was planning to start training for a marathon in the summer.  This came from me, and told my doctor that at my age I would feel better seeing a cardiologist, and having some tests done as some of fellow-runners do; she  didn't feel it was necessary, but ran an EKG (BTW not covered by insurance unless I have a compelling reason) which came out normal, but I still insisted to see a cardiologist, she did not object, and a month later I finally got to see one; didn't realize there was so much demand for these kind of doctors.  

I have no history of heart disease; and I believe to be in good health, or I was anyways; I hope this clarify my situation.  

Thanks for taking the time to read my posting.

Hi Felipe,
thanks for your clarification.
The normal range for EF is 50-75%, so with 40% you are well below the normal range. Between 40 and 50% one does not necessarily have symptoms.

There is always the possibility that the test was fault and that the actual EF is higher than the reported 40%. Lets us hope that is the case. Anyway, further examination will be needed to either confirm that the EF is in the normal range, or when it really is around 40%, what the cause is of this low EF.
I assume that your cardiologist did advice further testing?

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