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Electro-Conversion Side Effects

Admitted to ER for Atrial Fibrillation. Heart rate was around 170, rhythm was ragged. ER administered 4 shocks while I was under sedation. The electro-conversion didn't work, so they administered IV toprol, and sent me on my way. Heart converted to normal sinus rhythm some 30 hours later. Several days later, and I feel like I've been pulled through a keyhole backwards. Is this normal? And is it a result of the electro-conversion, sedation, toprol, or all of the above?
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It is not normal to feel this way following a simple episode of a fib. Some people do not convert following a DC cardioversion. If you are as symptomatic as this then you may be a good candidate for an antiarrthymic medication such as amiodarone, or others in this class such as dofetelide. The most important aspect of being treated for a fib is that you see someone who is used to caring for such patients chronically, and not simply acutely, because there are several aspects to good care which include anticoagulation, rhythm or rate control, and perhaps looking for underlying structural or endocrinological abnormalities which can trigger these episodes.
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Thanks. I have a Cardiologist who specializes in A-Fib. Simply forgot to ask her about possible after effects of DC defib. Muscles in back and chest are sore and I'm awfully tired. This was my second episode in nine years. I'm glad it hasn't happened more often.

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