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Elevated Triglycerides, Medication Issue??

Hello, I have recently had a lipid panel completed and was shocked by the results. I am a non-smoker, non-drinker, and consider myself to be fairly healthy, 5ft 9 and 184 pounds. I have always had really good results except for a mildly decreased HDL. My recent results were as follows: Triglycerides: 1,765 mg/dl, HDL: 21, LDL: NP (serum index for lipemia to high to report), and Total Cholesterol: 273. I fasted for 12 hrs prior to this since I am an RN and know the importance. Trending some of my past test they seem to have been creeping up since May and June of 2014 when I started Nexium 40mg daily for GERD and Celebrex 200mg daily for arthritis. I am wondering if one of these medications can be driving this train since the correlation is there. My provider recently switched me to Protonix instead since he is not sure also. I have had some upper abdominal pressure and discomfort and was concerned for pancreatitis due to the Triglyceride levels. Thanks ahead for any input.
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Well let's address the absolute obvious first. What's your daily input for processed sugar? Look at the packets for levels. Some drinks don't even list the sugar levels especially energy drinks which is packed with sugar.
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Not a whole lot I may have some coffee in the morning and then it's primarily water the rest of the day. I have taken to eating healthier over the previous years, almond milk instead of 2%, mostly whole grains for breakfast, wheat bread with turkey for lunch, etc. Rarely any processed foods at all, try to make healthy choices with all my meals.
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