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Elevated cardiac enzyme levels in young female?

Yesterday I went to my local small hospital with severe upper back pain, throwing-up, jaw pain, left arm pain and feeling faint. While I was there my blood pressure and heart rate were all over the place. My pulse ranged 130 to 160 and my blood pressure was just out of control, going from 169/100 - 85/90. I had an abnormal ECG and my CPK isoenzymes test showed that I had elevated troponin levels in my bloodstream even after 12 hours of being admitted.
However being only 20 they didn’t thick that I could have a cardiac problem, even though I have high blood pressure of which I am medicated for and have a huge family history of heart attacks. My mother, father and their parents have all had heart attacks and my older sister (she is 30) and my uncle have had strokes. So where dose this leave me. Please tell me what you think, should I find another option.
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In my opinion, the hospital did you a disservice, perhaps a serious one, by ignoring your family history and your troponin levels, as well as by dismissing your risk on the grounds that you are a young woman.

If I were in your situation, I'd take myself to the best cardiologist around for a complete workup.  Soon.
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Hi, thanks for your answer, I know this has been some time after but I just wanted to tell you that I followed your advise, I'm actually 19, and when the cardiologist saw me and my blood results he was just blown away. As anyone would be, through many test and lots of prayer they found that I have angina, or Unstable Angina. Now I know I am young but I also weigh 120kg, so right now I am concentrating on loosing the weight.

I don't know a lot about my condition yet, is it dangerous?
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You state that you have angina or unstable angina. It makes a big difference whether it is stable or unstable angina. Stable angina normally gives you chest discomfort (pain) during activity and these symptoms go away at rest, while unstable angina can give problems even at rest. If unstable angina is diagnosed, the caregivers will probably not let you go home as this is a dangerous condition. Stable angina is more predictable and controllable and patients are often given nitroglycerine tablets or spray for those moments when they suffer from it.  
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There is also variant angina (penzmetal angina) which is randomly occurring arterial spasms that will cut off blood flow until the spasm ends.

Was the blockages/restrictions identified via angiography or the newer CT method? What are the percentages?

Having significant buildup at your age is extremely irregular and may be a sign of something else, such as a connective tissue disease. Make sure they identify the cause for such rapid early onset damage.
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