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Elevated troponin

Hi guys I was wondering if anybody could help me out please! So sorry for the long post but any help would be massively appreciated,I’m a 33 yr old mother of 3, This started 9 weeks ago where I had a stretch of paplations out of the blue that I’d never experienced before these palpitations lasted around 30 mins they scared me a bit but I thought gas might have caused these as I felt a bit gassy/bloated I didn’t put much more thought into this and they went away fast forward a few days I remember been quite stressed due to a few things going on at the time but not sure this is related as I’m stressed quite often with 3 children and lots going on but I started with left sided chest pain radiating down my left arm it wasn’t severe but more of an uncomfortable feeling I was a bit worried so I went to A&E I was due to fly out on holiday on the abroad on the Monday and this was the Saturday so I thought I better get checked out before I went so they took bloods did an ecg and said if all came bk ok I could have gone home and saw the gp but no I wasn’t going anywhere I felt like my whole world had fell apart there and then the doctor has come back and told me that the chances are I’d had a heart attack as my troponins had come back at 30 I totally fell apart I was inconsolable I’d never considered anything wrong with my heart I’m 33 I’ve got 3 children they need me they can’t lose me I was a complete mess, so I was admitted onto the ward for a week each doctor thar came in and out were talking about acs/heart attack etc they left me a week on the ward on medications for a heart attack until I finally had a cardio angiogram that thank god that came back clear with no artery damage I cried with joy but I was pretty traumatised by the whole thing I also had an echocardiogram that was clear also my troponins had dropped back down so I’d not had a heart attack they discharged me and scheduled me for a cardiac mri as an outpatient so after 5 weeks I had this done also and thank god it was clear, so I’ve had 1- a cardiac catheterisation (angiogram) 2-echocardiogram 3- cardiac mri and there all normal and my troponin is normal now too but I still have slight chest pain and sometimes radiating down my arm still so my question is with the tests I’ve had can I safely say my heart is ok? Or do I need some more tests? Are they sufficient? And why was my troponin raised? Please if anyone out there can help me I’ll be eternally greatful my whole world has been shattered because of this and desperately need some help many thanks in advance.
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