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Endocarditis-maintenace antibiotics

Hello- I went through a surgery to replace my heart valve that was infected. After long antibiotic treatment, I was asked to take 500 mg penicillin daily lifelong. It has been almost 7 months, I feel I should stop taking it and just make sure I am preventing infections. Do you agree with the bold move. I even feel daily antibiotics could be damaging. Doctors are split on this, I understand they do not want to risk. One doctor even agreed to stop the antibiotics after 6 months, but when I visited him last suddenly felt I could keep taking; I felt the decision was more driven by ‘what if I am not doing the right thing?’, so did not want to take unnecessary risks.

What is your suggestion? I plan to take vitamin c, coq 10, garlic to keep my immune system at the best and avoid alcohol and smoking.

ThNks for all your suggestions.
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Sounds a but like standing in traffic to see if you still get hit by a car to me. I don't know much about long term penicillin, couldn't really find much on line either. I think at the very least I would wait a year to make sure you're healed and then do as the doctor directs.
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