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Enlarged heart in infant

Posted By Laurel on October 22, 1998 at 17:30:31:

On Oct. 1st, after my infant son refused to drink his bottle after a few *****,
and was blue around the mouth and gagged to the point of choking while eating 5 times in 3 days, we took him to our pediatrician. We thought he might have GastroEsophagal Reflux, but our pediatrician was more concerned about a possible cardiac problem. Our baby was 2 months old then. We had a blood oxygenation level taken (fine...98-100%), an EKG done (we were told that was also fine), his heartrate was 118 beats per minute, and we were told at that time that his chest x-ray was good, lungs clear, heart fine. After the heart was no longer a concern, the hospitial pediatrician thought Reflux might indeed be his problem, and that the blue around the mouth could be there from aspirating.
Since that time he has been diagnosed with GER...and is being treated for it with some decent results. The night we came home from the hospital from having the cardiac tests, we started treating Ian for reflux and changed our care habits for him, including elevating the head of his crib, holding him upright as much as possible, etc. After having blue around the mouth for 3 days, before we made these changes, after having made them, the blue completely disappeared and has not returned. We changed pediatricians because the one who sent us for the cardiac tests refused to acknowledge our son's GER for which he needed treatment. He is now with a good pediatrician at a different hospital.
Then this weekend, nearly 3 wks. after the hospital staff in the E.R. told us his heart looked fine in the x-ray we have been given a hospital report saying,
"Findings-The lungs are clear. The cardiac size is mildly enlarged. The pulmonary vasculature is unremarkable." and also, "Impression-Mildly enlarged cardiac silhouette. Recommend additional imaging to further evaluate this patient."
Our new pediatrician is on vacation for a few more days. I've faxed this report to her partners, but being new to this practice, and since this is not an emergency we are waiting for her return to have this double-checked.
My question is, what does an enlarged heart represent? Is it a symptom or is it a condition in and of itself? What can you tell me about enlarged hearts in infants and/or where can I read up about it? My son will be 12 wks. old the day after tomorrow, and seems perfectly fine, save a few lingering reflux symptoms.
Thanks, Laurel

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