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Enlarged heart

I had an xray taken and was told that I had an enlarged heart, however another doctor saw the xray pic and said its not a cardiomegaly as such and my heart is almost normal, i am experiencing serious chest and back pains which come and go, and I get tire very soon after doing any activity, my blood pressure is very ok and I do not have any blood pressure problems. What can this be?


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A chest xray is not a very good diagnostic tool to evaluate a possible heart condtion that causes chest pains, etc.  Because two different doctors don't agree on the xray images adds to the possibility of a heart problem or at the very least inconclusive results.

A better test for your symptoms would be a stress test echo that views blood perfusion or any blockages.  Vessel blockage can be the underly cause for your symptoms. The usual procedure is for a doctor to do a differential diagnosis to determine the cause for you symptoms. Although your blood pressure is normal, that does not rule out a coronary vessel issue that impairs coronary blood flow.  Also, there can be a heart valve impairment that reduces the cardiac output, etc.

Your symptoms should not be dismissed, and a more aggressive evaluation should go forward. Chest pain and fatigue are symptoms of a low cardiac output as well coronary occlusions.

Thanks for your question, and if you have any followup questions your are welcome to post.  Take care.      
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The fact that your pain comes and goes is quite suspicious.  That is how my chest pains are. And I have had 2 or more heart attacks. An X-Ray, while it may be great for examining the lungs, for the heart you need more invasive testing, such as the stress test Kenkeith mentions and an Echocardiogram to start. Teh fact that your blood pressure is normal is great, but does not rule out anything cardiac.  I would strongly urge you to seek more testing to get a more definite diagnosis.  Take care, Ally
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thanx for your suggestions, i find them very helpful. I will go for further checkups on echo and EKG next week.

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